Luna has a new home

Shortly after posting a listing for Luna on Kijiji (local free classifieds) I was contacted by Duffy Quintin who said he would like to come and see her. I actually tried to convince him that what he wanted was a boat that was ready to go, not a project like what I was offering, but he was quite determined, and came down to see her. He had read my blog – I think in its entirety – and knew what he was looking at, and what he was getting into, and while I was uncertain, I very much wanted for Luna to have a chance to be completed and see the salt water again, so after some back and forth (quite a bit, over quite a long period of time), we struck a deal, and proceeded to move her from my partially-completed shed to his yard.

This will give a measure of how much quicker Duffy is at getting things done than I am: he arrived one day at 2PM, and had the boat on her trailer at 5PM, with essentially no assistance from me at all. He put up the chain falls and hooked on the slings, hoisted her enough to remove the support structure I’d built underneath, hoisted her further to get the trailer slipped under, and had her sitting pretty on the trailer in time to dart home and give his daughter the truck for something she had that evening. Remarkable – I would have taken twice as long, and sweated bullets while I was at it.

A week later he returned to tow Luna to her new home. I had removed the gantries and placed the lumber that comprised them on the trailer, since he’d need them to get her off the trailer at his place, and he arrived near nightfall to put the mast aboard (we put it on top of the cabin) and tow her home. The trip was uneventful (thankfully). We saw her safely into Duffy’s yard, then headed home ourselves.

Over the next two weeks, Duffy removed the roof of an extension on the back of his barn, extended the walls, and backed Luna into what was to become her new home, a tall shed off the back of his barn.

He got her backed in – which actually meant dragged in, since the truck didn’t have enough traction to push her uphill into the space.

Lifted her off of her trailer using the gantries and chain falls:

And built a cradle on the spot to hold her for the rest of her restoration.

The last I heard the roof is back on the shed and the restoration can begin, although there is a little housework that is apparently required before the real fun of boat work can take over.

Duffy has said that he’s interested in continuing this blog, so please stay tuned for more posts and pictures to come, as he’ll be taking it over and sharing his progress with all of us.

Thanks Duffy!