Luna is for sale

Sigh. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and it’s because the progress has been so slow as to be imperceptible. The boat shed has made some progress, but there is still nothing covering it, and the boat, as a result, has made absolutely no progress. It turns out that I work too much, and when I’m not working I like to play a little, and working on the shed and boat haven’t felt like play in a while.

So I bought my Dad’s old Ericson 27, which had been sitting in my driveway for sale for over a year, and splashed her and am back out on the water, which definitely is play. And realistically the Yankee project is either never going to be finished or it’s going to take so long as to be pointless to me, so I’m giving up.

I’m selling her, either whole to a willing and ambitious project person, or in pieces to the scrapyard for the lead and to individuals who need particular bits of Yankee 30 for their own boats, and I’ll keep the rest as parts for the Ericson or whatever comes next – you can never have too many bits of boat lying around to play with.

I’m sad about it, as I really was looking forward to that boat once the project was complete – but given it’s been 3 years since I did any work on it, and I haven’t even completed the shed, it’s just not a reality for me. So it goes.

If anyone is interested, please contact me through this site – it arrives to me as email, and if you send your contact information I’ll call you or email back.

Thanks for the support over the years, and sorry to be abandoning the project. Happy to be back on the water, though!

This is Dolphin, the Ericson 27.