Stella - first coat of paint

A few things have changed since my last entry. The first was the colour we are painting the boat – it turns out that Interlux Perfection in red needs to be protected from UV, for which they recommend a “glazecoat”. Googling that (since they don’t mention more than that) I find that in the UK the product literature for Interlux Perfection Plus (which is a two-part varnish) they say it can be used as a glazecoat for Perfection. This would mean additional money for the can of Perfection Plus and additional prep and additional time to put on another coat. Lo and behold I don’t find it to be that important that the boat be red!

After a trip to the store to see what other colours they had in stock, we selected “Fighting Lady Yellow”, which turns out to be a colour that a sport fisherman in Florida was painted, and her name is “Fighting Lady”. It’s a pale yellow (as you can see), and I think it looks quite nice. The only other choices were shades of white or dark blue – and while I love a dark hull, for some reason the Cygnuses I’ve seen with dark blue or black hulls haven’t looked right. Thus the yellow.

The next change was my intended first coat time of yesterday morning. I got out to the boat and got out the paint to mix and let sit while I solvent washed the hull (far too much use of solvents in painting a boat, but at least it’s a small hull). More easily said than done, though – I couldn’t get the can open! The rim unrolled without the lid lifting, and I ended up practically destroying it with vice grips before giving up for the day and returning the mangled can for another one. The second can we opened in the store to be sure, and it had difficulty as well, but finally yielded to a person with more patience and ability than I. We then resealed it lightly, causing me to worry that I wouldn’t get it off again this morning, which turned out to be a needless worry, happily.

So – finally – the first coat went on this morning, and I think it looks great! The paint went on easily and quickly, and of course shows up the imperfections in the hull – but I think this will be a fine example of a “five foot” paint job (meaning it’ll look great from five feet back) – which is more than I had set out desiring, so I’m tickled.

Without further ado (there’s been plenty ‘o that already), here are the pictures – she looks pretty good!