Finally back at it!

Well. This has certainly been a long break since the last update on this site – mostly because there hasn’t been much to update with, and partly because taking the time to update hasn’t been as much of a priority as getting a little done on one thing or another. Life got in the way in various ways (mostly my day job), and now I’m back at it, hoping (but somewhat faintly) to launch this summer in a less prepared but still seaworthy way. We’ll see. But in the meanwhile – I’ll try to bring this site up to date with the happenings in between.

The last two entries talk about finishing the ‘glass on the cabin top and starting on the cockpit. Since then I did manage to get a layer of fairing on the cabin top, and the cockpit is nearly sanded smooth, ready for the next fairing coat.

I’ve started down the path to getting the motor ready for service – the main thing being renewing the fuel system and replacing the exhaust. I’ve figured out how to fit the exhaust inside the existing space and have it exit down and then out through the bilge (rather than forward and up in the head, as before) – and to that end have removed the heat exchanger and will mount it off-engine.

I’ve removed what remained of the electrical system, and will start renewing it before long – although I’m having some thoughts on what to do about the interior which will have an impact on how that proceeds…

I removed two of the boat’s 5 through hulls, the other ones being in fine shape, and discovered (to my delight) that the rumours of a sturdy hull layup weren’t exaggerated. The hull where the head intake and head sink drain is is well over 1/2” thick, and where the engine cooling water intake is (in the keel stub) is well over an inch! Delightful. I do like strong hulls, it seems.

I’m having some thoughts about the interior, as intimated above – but I think I’ll hold off on sharing those for now while I noodle on them. There are also things afoot regarding the whereabouts of the work space – we may be moving, which will result in a move for the boat as well…