Mechanical Details

Garhauer UR1 risers (for the traveler). They're beefy stainless pieces that bolt to the deck on either end of the traveler and support it over the companionway. Great!

Garhauer MT-UB1 traveler. Strong enough to need no support other than end attachments (the UR1 risers). All lines and sheaves are internal (and supplied), making it essentially impossible for them to get tangled or caught. Ball bearings everywhere to keep friction down. Looks good!

Here's a Malo (Swedish cruiser, amazingly well thought out and constructed, also amazingly expensive) with a rigid arch for the mainsheet traveler integrated with a removable dodger/bimini and a fixed windshield. I think this is ideal - but can it work on a Yankee 30?

The new muffler (Vetus LSS Series)

Exhaust routing, final step - this is the back of the port cockpit locker (looking down and aft) - the black pipe in the picture is the current exhaust (with two inexplicable elbows in it - presumably someone thinking it would prevent seawater from entering, although I don't see how it worked).

Exhaust routing - port cockpit locker, looking down and forward. This is where the exhaust would leave the cabin and enter the lockers, on it's way to the lazarette.

Exhaust routing continued - this time under the galley drawers, to port.

Exhaust routing, continued (under the drawers under the aft dinette settee).

Where the exhaust would have to exit the bilge if I re-routed it.

The motor with the exhaust removed.