Other Boats

Witte Raaf

Witte Raaf on the hard. Witte Raaf is a LeComte ALC 40, and the last LeComte built at the LeComte factory. She was custom built for Petra and Jan Willem Versol, and is a lovely thing to say the least!

Stella on deck

I don't intend to have Stella look like a court jester - this is just the result of starting to prep on one side. She had horrible white paint on the top layer (which caused me to not be able to just launch her in good conscience), under that was some decent red paint, under that was red gelcoat, and lots of previous dings and their repairs.

I still enjoy looking at the shed - it's geometric nature is quite lovely.

I couldn't help but take a few more photos...

Here's Stella parked in the boat shed for a few days to take care of her paint job. She looks pretty small in there compared with Luna, doesn't she! It'll be great to be able to take advantage of the shelter this week to get her painted, however. After that the shed will be partially dismantled and reconfigured to be smaller for Jim's use as a storage building for his business.

I bought a boat to sail this year!

Jenny, Britton Cooke's Triton, sporting her Awlcraft 2000 #F7350 "Aubergine" paint job.