Toe rails

When the previous owner did the deck recoring, he removed the existing teak toe rails, which were destroyed in the process. I guess they weren’t in great shape and he figured replacement was the way to go. His intention had been an aluminum extrusion – either a ‘T’ track or a slotted rail (Crest Aluminum makes some of each, for examples).

So I need to decide: practical or pretty? Do I install aluminum or teak? I love the look of teak, I don’t love the maintenance. I love the practicality of aluminum and being able to attach things where I like – I don’t like the look.

I think my ideal would be teak, with a teak rubrail capped with a bronze strip. Doesn’t give the same attachment versatility, but I can decide on a few key places to put attachments (midships cleat, two additional eyes, splitting the runs between the bow and midships cleat and the midships cleat and stern). I’m not sure if that would mean losing the cove stripe, or putting the rubrail very high up on the hull. I guess I’ll browse some of the other Yankee pictures I can find to see if anyone else’s put rubrails on. They may wait until a future year, however – I can’t lose sight of a July ’09 launch.

Still undecided at this point, but leaning toward teak.


Your thoughts?